What is United We Learn?

United We Learn is our vision for the future of public education in Kentucky. This vision builds around three big ideas: creating a more vibrant experience for every studentencouraging innovation in our schools – especially when it comes to assessment, and creating a bold new future for Kentucky’s schools through collaboration with our communities. These three big ideas – students, innovation and community – form the vision for the future of public education in Kentucky.

Building on the strength and success of KDE initiatives to date, education stakeholders are working on ways to enrich student experiences in our schools and improve learning outcomes for all students. These ideas will be bold and forward-thinking, motivated by our desire to give all children the equitable and engaging learning opportunities they need for success.  

United We Learn means everyone in our Commonwealth – educators, families, students, community members and business leaders – working together to support our public schools in bringing about deep and authentic learning experiences for all students. 

Why is United We Learn So Important?

Students across Kentucky are growing up in a globally interconnected world that is accelerating in competitiveness and possibility. We know that every student has the potential for success, but learning opportunities and outcomes have been uneven. While many students and school districts are thriving, others are struggling. Even for those districts with stronger outcomes, we envision a spirit of constant improvement, innovation and sharing the best ideas with others. This is the way Kentucky’s children will realize their full potential and we must ensure high-quality learning experiences to meet the needs of all students.

*Content provided by the Kentucky Department of Education.