Talking national advocacy issues with service agency state directors. Inspiring to be around such staunch public education advocates. #AESA2022
4 months ago, KAEC
KY Table Tent
NKCES Deeper Learning. #ConnectGrowServe
5 months ago, KAEC
On the road with @GRRECKY districts today for their DL launch. Thanks to @CassieReding & @JamesNeihof for the vision and @BuddyBerry & @thomcoffee for providing the inspiration. #KYDL
5 months ago, KAEC
Deeper Learning
Ending the week with the amazing @KEDCCRRSADL team. Their deeper learning lunch and learn is 🎯. #KYDL
7 months ago, KAEC
KEDC Deeper Learning
The WKEC Deeper Learning Coaches and Caldwell County administrators had a great morning discussing DL initiatives for the district. #EngageEquipEmpower
7 months ago, KAEC
WKEC Deeper Learning
OVEC Deeper Learning- #Inspiring Change! Adventure Awaits! Meet your OVEC Deeper Learning Team~
7 months ago, KAEC
OVEC Deeper Learning
Welcome to the new Kentucky Association of Educational Cooperatives!
9 months ago, KAEC
KAEC logo "the conduit...."